Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Diploma

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Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Diploma: Bullying is one of the biggest issues that young people face, and the school environment is unfortunately one of the places where they can find themselves at risk. The Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Diploma is designed to help educators and care-givers tackle the issue of bullying in schools, and make schools a safe space for worry-free learning. This course has been designed for parents and teachers to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues surrounding bullying in schools, and to equip them with tools to tackle it effectively. Schools may wish to invest in this diploma for key members of staff, and it can also give parents the knowledge and confidence to deal with any incidents of bullying that relate to their children. Childhood bullying can have a profound and lasting negative effect, as well as making it impossible to enjoy school and learn effectively. Increasing awareness of bullying in schools, and working together to eliminate it, are important tasks that will positively impact young learners.

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