An introduction to international development: understanding contemporary issues and themes

University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education
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An introduction to international development: understanding contemporary issues and themes:

This online course is designed to introduce students to the field of international development. Participants will develop knowledge of contemporary issues and themes, such as poverty and livelihoods, global food security, aid, urbanisation, and sustainable development, and will be encouraged to think critically in looking at a variety of case studies and examples of international development from around the world. The course will be interactive in nature, combining discussion forums, real-time one-to-one and group discussions and an online interactive seminar.

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More info on price: Bursaries are available to some students based on their cicrumstances. Please check our website for more details. Residential accommodation may be available for this course, on a first come first served basis - Single room: £60 per night. Double/Twin room £50 per person, per night (2 people sharing).

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