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Advanced computer networks:

This online course discusses the techniques employed to enhance the security of Ethernet local area networks (LANs), the role and facilities of computer network management and testing tools, and the wide area network services that provide connections between remote LANs.
This course is aimed at those responsible for the design, administration or maintenance of corporate local area networks.and wide area network connections.

The course begins by describing the concept and applications of virtual local area networks (VLANS). The different types of VLAN are described and their benefits compared.
The methods employed by hackers to obtain unauthorised access to local area networks (LANs) are discussed. Ways of protecting LANs against external attack are described and compared inc. access lists, firewalls and proxy servers.
The role and facilities of management and control protocols in IP based
networks are discussed and the tests that assess the performance of a network connection described.
The services that provide connections between remote LANs are then described. The characteristics and facilities provided by Carrier Ethernet services are described. The features, advantages and applications of the various types of technology that can provide Carrier Ethernet services are then described and compared.

This course includes online assessments. A certificate of completion is awarded to successful participants.

Additional entry requirements

This course assumes a prior knowledge of the basic operation of an Ethernet-based LAN. Therefore, it is suggested that the PTT course "Computer networks" is studied before attempting this "Advanced computer networks" course.

Training for employers

This course has been specifically designed for companies training their employees.

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