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Advanced Management Accounting:

This course briefs about the Cost and Break-even Analysis; Absorption and Activity-based Costing; Budgeting; Pricing and Costs; Short-term Decision Making; Investment Appraisal Techniques and Measuring and Reporting Performance.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand the difference between management accounting and financial accounting. The difference between fixed and variable costs. How to calculate variable and fixed costs using the high-low method. How to use break-even analysis as a decision-making tool. How to calculate and understand contribution, the break-even point, and margin of safety. The limitations of break-even analysis. Why overheads need to be included when costing products. How to calculate a simple ‘blanket’ overhead rate. How to apply absorption costing methods to fully cost out a range of products. The limitations of traditional costing methods. How to calculate a simply activity-based cost. Why a business needs to prepare a budget. The process of preparing a budget. How to prepare a simple budget. The problems of budgeting.

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This course is targeted for those who wish to understand the implications of decisions made across a range of management accounting issues. Those who wish to develop the ability to analyse, interpret, and question the accounting information they may encounter in a business context. Those who wish to acquire a sound appreciation of accounting and finance in order to communicate and succeed in the business world. Non-accounting staff who desire a practical introduction to the fundamentals of management accounting.

Course reference: AFB103 (use this when contacting provider)

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London, N1C 4AG


7 days


Full time


Certificate of Attendance


BeginnerIntermediate Advanced

From: £2,660

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