Adobe Dreamweaver - Entry Level (Online Learning)

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Course description

Adobe Dreamweaver - Entry Level (Online Learning):

This course is for students aged 19+ year olds who are confident and competent in computer skills and have a specific interest in a career in creative web design and development. The objectives within this course cover entry-level skill expectations for web communication therefore there is no prior experience of web design required. Adobe Dreamweaver is a comprehensive website authoring program designed and developed by Macromedia until 2005 and now by Adobe Systems. Adobe Dreamweaver enables you to programme, design and build complex interactive Web sites using HTML, JavaScript and server-side programming languages such as php.

This module is designed using Adobe Dreamweaver and will give the learners both the knowledge and confidence in techniques such as Information gathering, designing and developing websites within Dreamweaver. The learners will be able to demonstrate knowledge of website accessibility standards that address the needs of people with visual and motor impairments. Use basic HTML tags to set up an HTML document, format text, add links, create tables, and build ordered and unordered lists. Demonstrate knowledge of page layout design concepts and principles and how to use CSS to implement a reusable design. Identify techniques for basic usability tests and identify methods for collecting site feedback. You will be assessed by one exam Adobe Certified Associate in Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Having completed this course you can then gain further Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) status by becoming proficient in another Adobe software product. Alternatively you can progress in order to achieve Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) as a Web Specialist, which covers the more advanced elements of design, through the completion of other specific modules using specific Adobe software. By completing this qualification, you will enhance your job prospects and it will show that you are self-motivated and have the ability to work competently with computers.

Additional entry requirements

No formal pre-requisites. However, learners should be confident in using Windows operating systems and have an interest in web design.

Awarding body

Adobe Certified Associate

Training for employers

This course has been specifically designed for companies training their employees.

Course info


Professional or Industry specific qualification

Study Hours:

Variable - to suit the learner



Virtual help:

No attendance for this course

Course type:

This is a distance learning course

Total time for completion:

12 months

per course

More info on price: Tuition is free for learners aged 16 to 18. For students aged 19+ courses will be available free of charge or at a discount depending on your age and circumstances. Price may vary depending upon individual circumstances.

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