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"Taking students beyond the traditional, classroom-based mode of study, the UK Learning College is a leading distance learning provider."


The UK Learning College is a leading Distance Learning Provider, offering a route to study for anyone who wants to gain a new skill or qualification, but finds the traditional, classroom-based mode of study unsuitable.

Distance learning is an ideal way to learn around your current time and financial commitments, no matter how diverse and unpredictable your schedule is. With UK Learning College you not only study when it suits you and in your own time, but you can be sure of receiving all the advice and support you require as your studies develop. Because of our continuous system of enrolments, Students can enrol any time of year, and our flexible distance learning courses allow students to plan their studies to fit in their life style or work commitments. All of our students have access to their own personal distance learning course tutor who specialises in their field of education and is totally committed to helping you succeed in your home learning course.

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Subject strengths

UK Learning College offers an extensive selection of distance learning courses with over 1000 Home Study Courses. We pride ourselves on our customer service ethos, and with many satisfied, successful students in the UK and worldwide, you can be sure that your enrolment with UKLC will be hassle-free and rewarding.

Student community

Log in to your student community today and join other students online. You'll be able to chat with other students, access your resource library, and voice your opinions through student surveys. As one of our students, you'll also have access to our online Student Services, which include:

  • CV Refresh Service
  • 25% Off on All Future Courses
  • Academic Reference for Employers and Further Studies

Career Centre

Thinking about the sort of job or career you want will help keep you motivated and satisfied. This section is designed to help you decide what it is you really want, keep you focused, and help you prepare for your interview. To help you stay grounded, we cover the basic things you need to think about when you return to work, set up your own business or negotiate a pay rise. We have also listed below the various Career Options available on completion of our courses. Please click here for more information.

 'Dream big and you truly will achieve your heart's desire'.

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Learning for Business

UKLC explores the benefits of distance learning and how this can offer a valuable solution to both employers and employees.

When it comes to learning and development, one size doesn't fit all. At UKLC we put listening before offering learning solutions.

To get to the heart of your customised training requirements, we spend time understanding your unique challenges and company culture. Then, by identifying the skills, knowledge and behavioural changes needed to optimise business performance, we build bespoke training solutions that impact on practice profoundly and immediately.

What are the Benefits of studying with UKLC?

  • Your staff will study in the most diverse, global and innovative environment using cutting edge technology  
  • Gain access to a single unique learning portal that meets all your learning needs  
  • Personalised approach for Corporates is adopted.
  • The progress of your employees is closely monitored and they will be supported by our dedicated academic team

Our tailor-made courses can:

  • develop and retain talent through customised training without the expense of recruitment
  • upgrade and update professional skills specifically relevant to your organisation to hone competencies and competitiveness
  • resolve a variety of business critical issues through bespoke training courses for managers

For our wide range of courses, please see A-Z Courses

Call and speak to an Account Manager at 0800 009 6249 who will work with you to help your business grow.

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Contact details

UK Learning College

22 Turnbull Street

Suite 108, Glasgow G1 5PR

Telephone UK: +44 (0) 844 884 9291

International: +44 (0) 705 006 221