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"Excellent tuition in all aspects of the English language from courses provided by Tal Thomas."


Excellent tuition in all aspects of the English language from courses provided by Tal Thomas.


Speaking and writing good English nowadays is recognised internationally as one, if not THE most important skill to have. It is essential for business purposes and in most learning contexts and really useful socially and for travelling around the world.

You can study books and attend classes and make progress this way but if you really want to make serious progress quickly and efficiently then specialist one-to-one or one-to-two lessons are needed.

Qualifications and Experience

I am Tal Thomas, a native British English speaker with a University degree a CELTA qualification, six years of intensive private tuition experience and over 30 years of British business and social knowledge.

People would consider me "old school" meaning I learned to speak and write English when standards were high (we didn't have computers, email, text messaging, or Twitter/Facebook in those days) so I try to pass this rare quality onto all my students.

I know the problems of learning a foreigh language very well. I have leaned to speak four other languages since I was a teenager and know the difficulties as well as the pleasures of improving and being able to communicate. Not only have I taught many, many students from all around the world in London but I also have two years of experience in China where I taught English at Shanghai University to business people, to high school students and to six-year old children. I am very patient, methodical and flexible and (most importantly) friendly.

How I can help you

There are different levels and phases to learning any language and so my first task would be to establish where you are and where you want to get to. We then have a plan and I’ll build your lessons to ensure you make good, solid progress along that plan. My lessons will include clear progress in English grammar (not easy compared to some languages), along with building a much larger vocabulary. When these two are coming together then the focus will be on strings of words, then complete sentences and finally paragraphs and essays. It is important that my students understand the rules, for when they do, the language suddenly becomes easier. Pronunciation will be important and I’ll work on that aspect with you. I set homework and it is important to practice what you have learned. Repetition is also vital so each lesson will overlap the previous one to a certain extent.

What I can teach you

What I don’t teach is the trans-American way of speaking where “like” is repeated a hundred times rendering the content of each sentence to almost zero! Neither do I teach you to sound like you’re asking a question every time you’re trying to say something.

So what I do teach is correct, clear British English from beginner level to upper-internediate, advanced and beyond.

The courses of lessons I offer are General English, Academic English, Business English, Corporate Training, English to Children and Document “Polishing”. The academic English includes specific preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, IGCSE and the Canbridge exams FCE, CAE and CPE.


These depend on whether you take a series of my private lessons (recommended) or meet me just once. All lessons (except for young children) are a minimum of 2-hours

Cost One person Per hour Two people  Per hour
 One Lesson          £30         £40
 Two Lessons      £28           £37
 Five Lessons       £26      £35
 Ten Lessons      £24      £30


HOW MANY - You are free to decide how many lessons you would like but in most cases one lesson is not enough. On first making contact with you I can assess from your goals how many you will need, be that 5, 10, 20 or more.

The fee for teaching children aged below 8 years old is higher at £45 for the first hour and £20 for any subsequent hours or parts of an hour.

Fees for teaching larger groups are negotiable

When and where

We can discuss where it’s convenient for you to meet me. I recommend central London where there are quiet places but should you wish me to come to your home or office and it’s not too far then I will (but there may be an additional charge).

I do have other clients but it should be easily possible to arrange a time that suits you on a  one-off or a regular basis.

Contact me

There is no more information so to move to the next step please contact me using any of the means below:

Mobile number: 07891 844334


Wechat: TalThomas

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Contact details

Contact me

There is no more information so to move to the next step please contact me using any of the means below:

Mobile number: 07891 844334


Wechat: TalThomas