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I am studying the Child Day Care level 3 course and I am really enjoying it. I l...more

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Introduction to Open Study College

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'At Open Study College we have not only the right course but more importantly the right study method...'

Introduction to Open Study College

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We all love to learn! Whether it's a way of changing your job and doing something is completely different, or if you want to speak fluent Italian for your summer holiday. Whether it's improving your communication skills with a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming, or setting yourself up for a career in Child Care, we have the right courses for you.

But - Do you have time in your busy lifestyle to study a course full-time... every day, 9-5? What if there was a way that you could study the right course, get a qualification that can help you get the job that want, and study it in your spare time, from your own home?

At Open Study College we have not only the right course but more importantly the right study method - Home Learning.

  • Find the course you want, and buy the course pack - you can even pay by installments!
  • Follow the course instructions, work at your own pace.
  • Questions? Contact our course tutors (contact details in your study pack).
  • Submit completed assignments via post or email.
  • Marking - After our tutors have marked your work, we will contact you with your marks.
  • Some Courses such as A-levels have slight differences and you will be advised of these procedures on the course page.

What's on offer

We offer distance learning courses in a wide range of areas including Accounting, Business, Child Care, Psychology, and Travel. Our dedicated tutor support by phone, email and post make it easy for you to study at a time that suits you!

We have courses to suit everyone. We offer awards from established bodies such as A-Levels and ASET.

Subject Strengths

The main strengths are in the study method itself - study a recognised qualification such as an A-Level, from home to fit in with your everyday commitments. Home Learning For Everyone!

Home learning is a way of studying a course that is tailored for your needs - there is no more need to go to classes at scheduled times or days anymore - you can study a course in your own time, when it suits you!

You simply select a course from a home learning college, and a pack featuring textbooks and other course materials is delivered to you in the post. Assignments can typically be handed-in by either post or email (this can vary depending on which college and course you choose).

Unlike most colleges or universities, there tends to be a much more open period of enrolment and there are not generally restrictions on when you can begin your studies. Unlike many colleges, sometimes there isn’t a strict time limit on completion (although this can vary depending on the award type).

Student Story

'I have a full-time sales job which sees me working unpredictable hours and working in many different locations, this made life very difficult when I wanted to study a course in my spare time. After checking a few different colleges and looking at a lot of prospectuses and course overviews I found Open Study College and found the right course for me.

Many more traditional, established colleges did not offer the freedom that I needed. I needed tutor support by phone or email and that's what I got!

I was able to find a course that fitted into my busy life, so that I could find the balance between work, my course, and still have my social life.

The course in business marketing enabled me to add extra qualities to my everyday job and for the longer term, the skills I have added to my CV have helped me get a better job, and more importantly I had fun!'

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by Lauren - August 2010

I am studying the Child Day Care level 3 course and I am really enjoying it. I love the fact your work gets marked quickly and how it has taken far less time to complete than I thought. It is easy to study in your own time at your own pace and all of the course material is easily accesable at all times.Before I made the purchace I got told all the information I needed to know and the Colledge made sure any questions I had before I signed up. I would reccommend it to anyone who was interested in working with children and would like to study from home.

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