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"IHS offer a range of nutrition & health courses, designed to graduate effective practitioners with practical skills to maximise their income potential"


Established in 2005, The Institute of Health Sciences is committed to providing the highest standards of education and training in nutrition and health in the UK and Ireland. IHS courses give students the practical skills to maximise their future revenue streams and help their clients make real, useful changes to their health. Our part-time in-class, e-Learning and blended learning courses combine both traditional and research based methods of healing with a contemporary perspective. Upon graduation from any IHS course, you will be able to join the relevant association to gain insurance to practice, as well as receive the benefits from belonging to a professional body. 

There is an ever increasing demand and need for effective graduates from our courses in today's society. As a graduate of IHS you will be well placed for jobs within the healthcare industry. For those who wish to set up in private practice, IHS will support you with all the advice and guidelines required in launching your practice. Current opportunities include:

  • Private practice
  • Education of the public, media, students and other health professionals
  • Employment with supplement companies as nutrition advisors, product developers or sales advisors
  • Contributing articles to industry, academic or general interest publications
  • Contributing to radio and TV programmes
  • Training health food traders and other groups in industry
  • Cooking demonstrations and classes

Take a look at our Graduates page to see the job opportunities taken up by some of our graduates.

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Our Courses

All IHS courses are recognised by the appropriate independent registering bodies. We do not affiliate ourselves with any association that is not completely independent of all training providers. It is important that your qualification allows you to register with a body that is not directly affiliated with any training provider, as this ensures impartiality when setting standards within the industry.

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Why IHS?

  • Constantly updated material. All modules have a module leader responsible for them. The role of the module leader is to continually update the material delivered in lectures, student notes and online, set and mark assignments and to answer student queries on the module forums. This keeps IHS material up to date using evidence based research and the very latest theories in healthcare
  • Comprehensive and well structured study material supplied. Download your study material including presentation slides, written notes, case studies, video clips, quizzes, short answer questions and opportunities to reflect on your knowledge - all designed to make the learning experience as interactive as possible
  • Dynamic and interactive lecture weekends. Designed to suit all learning types and engage students in the learning process. Lecture weekends include a mixture of formal lectures, group discussion, group exercises, role play and case studies
  • Expert lecturers. Lecturers for IHS include leading nutritional therapists, certified health and wellness coaches and health promotion experts, giving our students access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from their first day of study 
  • Health and Wellness coaching underpins all IHS courses. Students are trained in the most effective ways of improving patient compliance; ensuring clients take responsibility for their own health, establishing how ready they are to change and then helping them overcome barriers to change
  • The IHS commitment to pastoral care and student support. IHS have a dedicated student support officer employed to help struggling students or those with specific learning difficulties. We ensure that all students have access to both staff and peer support whilst studying with IHS
  • Flexible study options. Students can study in-class, solely via e-Learning or a combination of the two (blended learning)
  • Learn practical and saleable skills as well as the latest healthcare theories. 
  • Register with a professional body and insure yourself to practice. All IHS courses are recognised by independent professional bodies

Choosing a course is the first step to a new career or a new way of life so it is important that you choose the college that will provide you with the best training to suit your needs and will support you throughout your studies and beyond.

With over 230 students currently enrolled on our various courses, we pride ourselves on the support that we offer our students throughout their time with us and after they graduate. To date, over 450 students have graduated from IHS.

When researching different training providers it can be difficult to ascertain who will best meet your education requirements. Any training provider should be prepared to offer you as much information as possible regarding their courses, costs, course material, lecturing team and course recognition. At IHS we aim to offer total transparency to all potential students so that you can make an informed decision on the courses we offer:

Click here for a series of questions that we have put together to help you determine which college and course is the best for you.

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How to enrol

Upon receipt of your enrolment form, you will be interviewed over the telephone to determine your suitability for your chosen course.

You can fill out the application form here.





Open Events


Training is an investment in your future. As with any investment it is important to identify what you wish to gain and which course will be most suitable for your needs. We recommend you attend one of our regular open days or evenings (online or in person) to find out more about the course structure, content and career opportunities.

There will be talks showing the benefits of studying with IHS and IHS staff will spend time speaking with you to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision. Open events are mostly held when lectures are running, so you may also sit in on an IHS lecture and speak to current students about their experiences studying with IHS.

Please contact us via 01 531 1150 (Ireland) or 0845 568 7000 (UK) or our online form.


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Student story

Lynne Dalton graduated the IHS Certificate in Dietary Counselling in 2013

"Since qualifying as an IHS Dietary Counsellor, many opportunities have presented themselves to me. As my husband runs a kettle bell gym, we were able to collaborate and run a lifestyle makeover weight and wellness course. I offered body composition analysis, food diary analysis, goal setting and group discussion for our clients. I was also able to offer practical advice on balancing blood sugar, the concept behind high and low glycaemic foods, how to read food labels, how to shop and how to meal plan. Our clients love the weekly hand-outs and online support in the form of a private Facebook group and really felt they were learning about nutrition rather than just following a soulless diet plan. Due to this the changes they make are long term, they read labels, they avoid certain aisles in the supermarket and they start to feel better in all aspects of their life. It's a real privilege to be able to facilitate and support people on this path. I have produced a 20-week e-mail health series for a large multinational company with fantastic feedback and am now also offering Lorisian food intolerance testing with York Tests. I also now offer Sports Nutrition, which I also studied with IHS."

Testimonial of Arlene, one of Lynne's clients: "It is amazing how alert and energised I feel since beginning the program. I've had a number of appointments with Lynne over the past two months re: dietary plan with the hope of continuing to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. From the moment of our first consultation I found I was very relaxed talking to Lynne, she listened and together we set realistic goals that suited my life and schedule. I found picking a small number of goals to start and increasing them as the weeks passed less overwhelming and easier to follow through. Lynne e-mailed and texted to see how I was getting on as the weeks progressed. Also sending on some interesting recipes and the introduction of coconut oil which is a big hit with not just me but the rest of the family. My starting weight was 187lbs. within the two months it's down to 174lbs."

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Contact details

13 Upper Baggot St
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Phone: 0845 568 7000