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"Through its high quality training & course materials, Great Achievers produces successful Assessors, Teachers & Internal Quality Assurers."


Great Achievers is a leading online training provider that specialises in equipping and training people to work as Assessors, Teacher and Internal Quality Assurers in the vocational sector.  As an organistaion we are focused on providing quality training and assessment using professionally written course materials that will not only teach you but equip you to be effective in your field, whether as an Assessor, Further Education/Vocational Teacher or Internal Quality Assurer.

All of our courses are approved by Focus Awards and satisfy the requirements of the appropriate level of the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). They recognise that the student has gained a good knowledge and understanding of a particular subject area, which is appropriate for many job roles. Many of them also result in qualifications on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), which carry credits that can be accumulated towards higher level qualifications.

Before enrolling on a course, students should make sure that they are following a course of study that results in formal recognition of their knowledge and skills by a reputable awarding body such as Focus Awards.

With Great Achievers you will not need to take time off work to complete your course, you will be able to do that in the comfort of your home.  Unlike classroom-based training or colleges, you will have the flexiblity to complete your course within the time frame that suits you.  

With us you will have a dedicated Assessor whose goal is to make sure you gain the knowledge you came to us for and go through your course successfully.  With Great Achievers there is no room for failure, as we work with you until you complete and achieve.

Online training is becoming more and more popular as technology has changed the way we learn.  The conventional way of teaching and assessing is phasing out in various sectors and being replaced by the new trend of online training.  The further education sector and vocational training has transitioned already and soon more and more sectors will join.  Even in school children now submit their work and receive feedback online!  Employers within the training and education sector are also keener on employing people who have experience of online training and assessment.

By training with Great Achievers you not only get an approved and recognised qualification, you also get to train using online tools and resources, which equip you better for the current labour market.

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