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Introduction to Excellence Assured Ltd

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"Based out of Sheffield, Excellence Assured Ltd., offers a number of accredited NLP Practitioner Training and Leadership programmes."


Excellence Assured Ltd is located in Sheffield, England. We provide personal development coaching and training, working nationally and internationally with our clients to enable you to achieve excellent results.

Our aim is to "inspire you" to make the necessary changes to achieve your desired outcomes and help you "discover your true potential". Putting you fully in charge of your life.

In order to ensure we deliver what we promise, our trainers and coaches are qualified to the highest standard to use the latest cutting edge tools of communication, NLP, and Coaching.

Take a look at our website to discover more about our NLP Training and Coaching programmes.


Our mission at Excellence Assured Ltd is to provide the very best standards of Training and Coaching using the best tools available in personal development today. We aim to inspire your personal and professional happiness, growth and success. We are constantly pushing the boundaries to deepen your levels of learning whilst opening up new choices for all those who seek positive change. We are striving to make a difference in life, offering higher levels of personal freedom and new connections.

Our Values - Our inner FIRE

Values motivate behaviour, filtering and evaluating our world. Values form our DNA guiding and determining our results. At Excellence Assured we recognise the importance of values and would like to share ours to ensure that we are the right fit for you and your business.

Flexibility - As we know the world is complex and fast paced, change is the only constant. Being flexible and adaptive allows us to embrace the world of business and change to maximise our effectiveness and success.

Inspiration - We are here to make a difference, to be the motivators and to help others feel inspired to new levels. Your life may well be at a crossroads and we have the tools and the commitment to lead you to greater heights.

Responsibility - We recognise that we are all responsible for our own results in life. You are responsible for your commitment to your training and in return we commit to provide quality learning, support and development in order that you can achieve and exceed the recognised and professional standards.

Energy - This is the key to getting what you want in life. Positive energy pushing your life in the direction that you want to go. We will make our contribution to your future by delivering our training and development with boundless positive energy and 100% commitment to achieving your goals.

Visit our website for more details on how we at Excellence Assured can help you discover your true potential. You can call us on 0845 257 0053.

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