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uTalk believes learning to speak a new language can change your world. We give learners the confidence they need to break down barriers and build friendships. We are a reliable and essential shortcut to being able to communicate in any language from any language - no matter where you’re from or where you’re going.

Our unique language learning software is easy to use and effective, and we offer an unrivalled 130+ languages (available to learn from your own language - not just English) to learn on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Join our 30 million happy customers around the world and start speaking a new language today.


How it works

At uTalk, we give you the confidence to start talking from day 1. That's why our software teaches you the practical, real-life vocabulary you need, when you need it. And then we give you fun games to play, to help you remember what you've just learnt.

Whether you're just looking for the basics, or something a bit more advanced, we can help. Our range covers over 150 world languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu.


"It is without doubt the most thorough and easy to use language learning tool I have ever seen and once I’ve mastered Japanese I plan on exploring the basic of other languages too." Codie, UK

"The uTalk app is a whole load of fun, filled with useful words and phrases. It works offline which is great for learning on planes." Patricia, Canada

"I am now used by a local hotel as an interpreter for visitors from Argentina. The program is magnificently written." Bill, South Africa

“uTalk is, in my opinion, the future of language development whilst on the road.” Will Hatton, The Broke Backpacker

Junior Language Challenge

Junior Language Challenge

The UK’s only language challenge for primary schools

Open to children across the UK aged under 11. Entry costs £5 and 100% of this goes to charity.

Why join the JLC?

  • Makes languages fun
  • Encourages independent learning
  • Introduces children to new, exciting languages
  • Great prizes to be won!
  • Raising money in support of educational charity onebillion

For more details visit the JLC website, and see last year's winner in our video from the 2016 final.

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Non-profit work

uTalk is proud to support onebillion, a non-profit software publisher with the goal of transforming learning for one billion marginalised children. Their maths apps are already in use in more than 30 solar-powered learning centres in Malawi. onebillion is now developing a literacy software that will take a child with no reading ability to fluency in their own language.

All proceeds from the Junior Language Challenge are donated to onebillion. Last year's competition raised over £5,500, which went towards the development of a solar-powered projector for use in Malawian primary schools.

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Contact details

Visit our website to find out more about uTalk. And we're a friendly bunch, so you can also call us on 0207 371 7711, or drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!