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Introduction to NE Language Project

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"The NE Language Project has tutors who offer personalised language lessons in a variety of languages including French, Italian, German and Arabic."


The NE Language Project provides language courses and lessons to individuals and businesses in the North East of England to improve language skills and confidence so students can then improve themselves. Tutors available in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough.

The NE Language Project mainly focuses on individual (1 to 1) and small group (2, 3 or 4 learners - usually friends or family who get together to learn). Established in 2010, the school has seen significant growth since starting and continues to be a favourite for students who are looking for more personalised language courses.

Tutors are currently available to teach English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

Classes are tailored to the needs of the students so the location is flexible. Often students take classes at their home or in a public place like the local library or a cafe.

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Languages We Offer

You can study any of these languages with a private tutor. Click the link and it will take you to the location select screen where you can choose which area you live in and which language to study.

French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, English, Arabic.

Telephone: (0191) 206 9046

Business Language Training

NE Language Project is a specialist in Language Training for Businesses. We can send tutors to your company premises to deliver group training or individual lessons for key members of staff. We are a specialist in general language lessons for groups to help teams bond and get them through the basics of a language so they are better able to use the language in their jobs.

Before courses begin we always conduct a thorough needs analysis with each company to work out exactly what kind of course is required. Following on from the needs analysis the tutor or tutors can then design and develop a bespoke course which will allow the students to make progress in the shortest space of time.

Types of Courses Available:

  1. General Group Training for Teams of Employees
  2. More specific 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 training for key members of staff

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The Mayborn Story - Video

Mayborn, makers of Tommee Tippee baby products came to NE Language Project looking for help to improve their teams' levels of French so they would be able to work more effectively with stakeholders in Morocco and France.

In total they had 4 group classes per week, taking their staff through the basics of the language and giving each of them some good foundations to build on.

Ed Chapman, their Strategic Operations Director gives his opinions on how he thought the lessons went (see video).

Lesson Locations

Tutors can travel for lessons anywhere in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham or Middlesbrough

Mike's Story - Video

Scotland Rugby Star Mike Blair speaks about his experiences learning French at the NE Language Project.

Mariley's Story - Video

Mariley Speaks about her lessons with NE Language Project.


Reviews from Students about their Courses at NE Language Project

“Truly inspired learning experiences”
Steve T

"Created a real buzz around the business"
Ed C. Strategic Operations Director Mayborn Baby and Child

"I couldn’t possibly ask for a better teacher.”

"Knowledgeable, patient teachers, enjoyable lessons, and excellent service! Highly recommend!"
Maria L

"1 hour of private lessons is like 6 or 7 hours in class"
Alessandro T

“Very helpful, challenging, lessons are very good, we're delighted”
Peter S

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Contact details

NE Language Project (Part of UK Language Project Group)
Clavering House,
Clavering Place,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Tel: 0191 206 9046