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'Ed-Next is a leading provider of online learning courses offering students flexible-learning models.'

Introduction to CONSULT+ LIMITED

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Ed-Next was established in 2013 and within a short time has established itself as the supplementary education provider of choice. It aims to make world-class education available to learners at the speed of need. At Ed-Next we believe that the personal and organisational improvement is the result of careful career planning, continuous professional development and flexible learning options. Ed-Next delivers verifiable learning in a timely and cost effective manner.

Generally the face to face training is variable, inflexible, costly and requires learners to visit off-site facilities, thus making it difficult to pursue career and professional development goals. Ed-Next specialises in evaluating individual training needs and offering training programs to match that need.  Our IACET accredited online training programs can be taken anytime from anywhere. We help learners reduce their training costs while fast-tracking their career growth.

Ed-next has partnered with leading accredited online learning providers to offer one of the largest catalogues of  professional and career development programs. Its broad course range includes:

Over 600 Career Development programs that cover the following three categories:

  • Professional Development  - These are affordable self-study online training programs. These mini to short professional development programs  only cost £21 and provide learner access for one year. All these programs are IACET endorsed. These programs are ideal for: 1. Students preparing for thesis  2. Executives preparing for a presentation 3. Blended learning 4. Professionals looking to improve in a particular business area OR 5. Volume Training

  • Personal Enrichment -  These are instructor-led online training programs. These  programs  cost £147  and provide program. Access for 4 weeks. All these programs are IACET accredited.

  • Career Training - These are mentor supported online training programs. These programs provide learner access for one year. All these programs are IACET accredited and prepare the learner for a specific career.

  • UK Certification Courses These are accredited certifications that prepare students for a Level 2-3 qualifications in Beauty Therapy, Teaching Assistant, Human Resources, Book-keeping and Payroll, Business Management etc. etc.

  • Over 11 GCSE and 19 A-Level courses that are available 24x7x365 with full tutor support for 12-24 month period

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate level courses through University of Derby 

  • Compliance training in Health & Safety, Safeguarding, First Aid, Data Protection etc. for School

Ed-Next’s learning portal is a pioneer in providing blended-learning programmes for students who are learning at a distance. Its dynamic and fully interactive approach offers engaging learning environment.  We strive to improve our offering on an ongoing basis, believing that we should never think we can’t improve.

Let us take you on a stimulating journey of discovery, challenge and improvement with benefits to you and your organisations. So spark your intellect and productivity with learning that prepares you to succeed.

Begin your journey of improvement. Whatever you learning need, Ed-Next is here to help and has a solution for you.

Our accredited just in time online learning is standardised and consistent, it is motivating, it saves time and reduces cost by up to 80%. It can be taken anytime and from anywhere.

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4 5
Exploring The Criminal Personality
by Sarah - June 2016

I'm starting my Criminology degree in September and did this course because I thought it might give me some insight before it begins. Overall, the information given on the podcast is good. I learnt quite a lot, but because it's all American, I am not entirely sure if the content is relevant for the UK. A lot of terminology I believe will be different. That's not to say that it wont be useful, but just worth thinking about if you're expecting it to be UK based theories etc. You really can't complain at the price and the format of it being on a podcast means you can absorb the information easily whilst doing other stuff; literally like listening to a debate on the radio. I would recommend this to anyone interested in this area who isn't expecting anything heavy-duty study wise.

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4 5
HR04 HR and Recruitment (Booked online with Hotcourses)
by Jesus - April 2016

It is a straightforward, instructive little course, which has fulfilled my expectations of having a basic onlook on how Recruitment is developed in the UK.

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Fairly useful mini-course
3 5
Email Etiquette (Booked online with Hotcourses)
by Liisa - December 2015

Although the course covered the main things I would've expected it to cover, it could be improved. Shockingly, there were some grammar mistakes, which is not really acceptable when the course highlights correct and professional writing. I was looking at the course from a business perspective, and one thing that struck me was the section on emoticons and abbreviations. Perhaps this is still acceptable in student assignments or uni papers; however, in my opinion, the whole section could be left out as it's not something that is encouraged in any way in business writing. The contents, however, confirmed my thoughts on email etiquette, so it was useful in that sense. I would recommend it to someone who doesn't know much about email writing.

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