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"With two London centres, the Chantraine Dance of Expression and School of Dance offers a range of dance programmes from beginners to advanced levels."


The Chantraine Dance of Expression is the creation of two award-winning pioneers in the world of dance – Alain and Francoise Chantraine. From the foundation of their School of Dance in France in 1958, the Chantraine vision has been to broaden and deepen the scope of dance so that it could become an unlimited expressive art for the development of the whole person. Open to all, it integrates the main styles – contemporary, classical, jazz and dance of other cultures – but goes beyond style alone. Its aim is a fully inhabited dance, linked with life, and for harmony, well-being and joy.

The Chantraine School teaches classes based on five ‘times’ of life and dance philosophy - rhythm, interiority, technique, creativity and choreography:

  • Rhythm: releasing energy & discovering rhythms in time, weight and space
  • Interiority: relaxing fully and developing inner awareness of movement
  • Technique: placement & alignment; essential dance techniques at the barre, on the floor and free-standing; an inhabited technique of the centre which starts from breathing and radiates outwards. Respect for individual typology
  • Creativity: exploring forms and gestures to release creative potential and develop expression and communication; relationships with other arts
  • Choreography: choreographies from an extensive Chantraine repertoire (includes classical, popular, avant-garde and jazz music); studies by students 

What’s on offer
The Chantraine School of Dance has two London centres - in North West and in East London (Wanstead). Both offer a range of day and evening classes for children (four years old and up), teenagers, students, and men and women without age limit. Children’s, teenager’s and students’ classes are arranged according to the main age groups, whilst there are adult classes for different levels of ability, from complete beginners looking for an enjoyable and accessible way into dance, to advanced and professional dancers who would like to deepen and enlarge their experience. Two day-time classes are run by Westminster Kingsway College as part of Camden Community Education provision: one is free, for senior citizens, the other, fee-paying, for younger adults.

Short courses in London and Paris in the winter terms

  • Annual Festivals in which everyone is invited to take part, and performances from time to time
  • An international choreographic ensemble consisting of professionals and advanced students
  • Professional training available in England and France

For more information please contact Patricia Woodall.

What our students say

‘Each class is a new journey and a fresh experience. What luck to have the privilege of such an excellent teacher, a huge variety of choreographies created by Françoise Chantraine, and dancing to some of the most wonderful and diverse music the world has produced…’

‘I have been dancing Chantraine for eight years and I love it. I took the course, having taken many other classes and taught basic dance in schools. I was looking for something different and my goodness I found it. I have learnt many new choreographies and how to really express myself through dance. I have become more flexible and have learnt many relaxation and muscle control techniques. I still feel I have much to learn and look forward to improving these skills, while keeping healthy and having fun.’

’Its uniqueness lies in its wholeness, in its recognition that dance is a basic human need, by its drawing on all traditions, by its respect for each individual student, no matter what age or stage…’

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Contact details

For General Information Contact us!

London NW & Central
Patricia Woodall
Tel: 00 44(0)20 7435 4247

East London (Wanstead)
Kate Green
Tel: 00 44 (0)20 8989 8604