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"Now offering a Unique Exclusive Public Schedule of Software Development and Management Courses in Canary Wharf - Bright Solutions Global PLC"


Bright Solutions Global PLC

  • Over 400 Technical IT, Management and Technical Sales Courses
  • Unique Exclusive Public Schedule Available in Canary Wharf
  • Training delivered by industry experts in an interacive environment
  • Plus 1 Accelerator workshop available for most courses
  • Great Learning Environment - Delegate Pack and Exceptional Luches are just part of your experience.

Bright Solutions was originally formed in 2004

The main focus of the company then was to offer clients an alternative to the many companies providing standard public courses. We understood then that companies wanted to know about the latest technologies, but maybe initially at management level and maybe for only half a day. We also understood that companies used a mix of languages and tools and needed something specific to aid their projects. So we aimed to provide a three day modular course with modules blended from several standard courses with custom developed building blocks, rather than three public five day courses.

Bright Solutions has moved a long way since then and training has certainly become more challenging but we enjoy working hard to keep ahead of the game, providing new ways to educate our clients.

In today's fast paced multi platform, multi language world there is a massive opportunity and scope for businesses to thrive utilising the amazing array of tools available. Whether they are developing internal systems or delivering solutions for their customers but with this plethora of options there can be confusion in which way to go, which methodology to adopt and what practices to put in place.

Bright Solutions works alongside companies as a technical resource providing training, consultancy and off or on-site mentoring. We don't think at course level or even departmental level. We aim to look at the overall company or global operation and the products they produce and subset projects within. By utilising this top down approach Bright Solutions can not only understand the ethos of a company but we can also see how key areas can be improved. Which in turn will improve overall communication and productivity.

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