Transport Manager: Road Careers

How to become a Transport Manager: Road

What does a Transport Manager: Road do?

Road transport managers have responsibility for planning the routes and schedules of drivers involved in either road haulage, distribution and logistics or passenger transport.

They must ensure that all operations are carried out in accordance with UK and EU laws and regulations governing vehicle safety, environmental controls on fuel emissions and traffic congestion, driver hours, customs requirements, and food hygiene where applicable. The most economical method of completing the journey must be calculated as there will be budgetary restrictions.

What's the working environment like working as a Transport Manager: Road?

Weekends and shift work to cover 24-hour operations are the norm.

The working environment varies from offices and depots to visiting vehicles on the road in all weathers.

What does it take to become a Transport Manager: Road?

To be a road transport manager you should:

  • have strong organisational skills for planning schedules, journeys and loads
  • have good numeracy skills for financial management
  • be able to think logically and analytically
  • be flexible and able to make decisions quickly
  • have strong communication skills to deal with various people from drivers to government officials
  • be computer literate
  • be prepared to work in a variety of differing locations and conditions
  • be comfortable working in a hands-on, practical situation.

Transport Manager: Road Career Opportunities

There are numerous employers of road transport managers. These include:

  • logistics and distribution companies
  • bus and coach companies
  • the Post Office, or other parcel delivery firms
  • manufacturers and retail chains
  • car and van hire companies and contract fleets.
Road transport management offers the chance to move between different types of company or to specialise in other modes of transport, such as rail, sea or air. With large multi-national companies, there are opportunities for managers to work overseas. Some opt to move into transport planning and consultancy.

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