Sewage Treatment Plant Operator Careers

How to become a Sewage Treatment Plant Operator

What does a Sewage Treatment Plant Operator do?

Water/sewage treatment plant operators treat and clean water for re-distribution at wastewater or sewerage treatment works. Duties vary according to the size of the plant and the population it serves, but may include:

  • operating manual and computerised plant equipment such as sludge processing and pumping stations
  • adding chemicals and microbes during processing
  • monitoring water and gas levels
  • checking the condition of plant equipment including pipes and fittings.

Other duties involve emptying septic tanks, general labouring tasks, undertaking minor repairs and cleaning of tools and machinery, and notifying engineers of faults. Water/sewage treatment plant operators must work according to health and safety regulations.

What's the working environment like working as a Sewage Treatment Plant Operator?

Water/sewage treatment plant operators work 37 hours a week, covering a variety of shifts. Extra hours may be available.

Some work is outside in all weather conditions and protective clothing must be worn. Conditions can be wet and smelly and breathing apparatus may sometimes be necessary. General fitness and strength are required, as the work can involve bending and lifting. Direct contact with unpleasant substances is likely.

A driving licence is often required as many centres are located far away from built-up areas.

What does it take to become a Sewage Treatment Plant Operator?

To be a water/sewage treatment plant operator you should:

  • be physically fit and able to tolerate unpleasant smells and substances
  • be willing to work unsocial hours
  • have an interest in environmental matters, science and chemistry
  • have an interest in technology and mechanical equipment
  • have good observational skills for monitoring equipment and water and gas levels
  • be able to follow detailed instructions and procedures
  • work within national safety standards and regulations.

Sewage Treatment Plant Operator Career Opportunities

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