Road Haulage Load Planner Careers

How to become a Road Haulage Load Planner

What does a Road Haulage Load Planner do?

A load planner is responsible for the load or freight being transported by road. They may work for a road haulage company or a business within a different industry that owns their own fleet of vehicles for the movement of goods. They decide the size of the load, the vehicle to be used and how to safely load it.

Problem solving is an important part of the job, often aided by computer software to set out plans. The load planner must ensure freight is moved in the most efficient way possible, taking into account schedules, cost and health and safety.

Key tasks may include:

  • assigning an appropriate number of vehicles to each consignment
  • planning budgets for the transportation of goods
  • planning loading and unloading operations
  • monitoring the movement of loads
  • reviewing load plans with clients to make adjustments where necessary.

What's the working environment like working as a Road Haulage Load Planner?

Depending on the business, load planners are often required to work shifts on a rota basis. This is to cover early mornings and late nights.

The work is normally based in an office within a warehouse or haulage depot.

What does it take to become a Road Haulage Load Planner?

To be a load planner, you should:

  • have good customer service and communication skills
  • have problem solving skills and the ability to adapt plans
  • be computer literate
  • be able to work flexibly within a team
  • have the ability to negotiate with clients
  • have a good standard of literacy and numeracy
  • keep calm under pressure.

Road Haulage Load Planner Career Opportunities

Load planners are employed by haulage, removal and courier firms, as well as the distribution departments of large companies.

It may be possible to gain promotion in large organisations to senior or regional load planner. After gaining relevant qualifications, it may also be possible to progress to positions in distribution or transport management.

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