Rail Track Worker Careers

How to become a Rail Track Worker

What does a Rail Track Worker do?

Rail track workers look after and work on railway tracks and associated infrastructure.

Their duties may include carrying out maintenance, renewal, installation and inspection of track, tunnels, embankments, cuttings, level crossings and bridges, reporting and clearing potential obstacles, reporting accidents and incidents, and performing lookout and handsignalling duties as instructed.

Laying new track, or carrying out major repairs, requires the use of machinery to lay ballast (crushed rock used for the foundation of railway tracks). Spades and shovels, pneumatic drills, and welding equipment are also used.

Workers form small teams and take instructions from a team leader under the supervision of a technician or civil engineer.

What's the working environment like working as a Rail Track Worker?

Work is carried out on the track in all weathers. Protective clothing is provided: overalls, hard hats, boots and ear protection.

Depending on the location of the track, long distance travel from base could be necessary. This could involve relocation for short periods of time.

What does it take to become a Rail Track Worker?

As a rail track worker, you should:

  • be physically fit
  • have manual dexterity and a mechanical aptitude
  • enjoy working outdoors
  • be a team player
  • be safety conscious
  • have the ability to use automated and manual tools
  • have good communication skills
  • have good hearing and eyesight, including normal colour vision.

Rail Track Worker Career Opportunities

Job vacancies may be advertised locally for each area or network. Most opportunities are in big towns and cities.

Some underground/metro/light rail operators employ track workers.

Job opportunities are improving; there is a lot of work to repair faulty tracks around the country and make them suitable for the new, faster trains.

Promotion is usually to supervisor or team leader. Some workers become track inspectors or managers. Promotion may be faster if you move between employers.

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