Gas Distribution Worker Careers

How to become a Gas Distribution Worker

What does a Gas Distribution Worker do?

Gas distribution workers install, maintain and ensure the safety of a network of distribution pipelines from suppliers to homes and businesses.

They carry out a range of jobs including:

  • excavating roads and footpaths
  • laying and relaying new pipe systems
  • connecting properties to the distribution system
  • installing and maintaining gas pressure control equipment.

Most staff become involved in emergency work, finding and dealing with gas escapes. Their work has to meet the standards laid down by the gas company and the Health and Safety Executive. The industry is very closely controlled by legislation.

What's the working environment like working as a Gas Distribution Worker?

Gas distribution workers normally work a 38-hour week. They would be expected to work paid overtime, if necessary, to complete a job or assignment. Some of the work may involve nights and weekends to undertake emergency work outside normal working hours. They may also have long periods of time when they are on standby.

While a small proportion of the maintenance work may be undertaken in workshops, gas distribution workers will tend to spend most of their time outdoors. Much of the work is physical and they are expected to work in all weather conditions with appropriate protective clothing.

Distribution workers need to be mobile so a driving licence is essential.

What does it take to become a Gas Distribution Worker?

To be a gas distribution worker you should:

  • have a keen interest in and aptitude for practical tasks
  • be able to read technical instructions and follow diagrams
  • have a logical and methodical approach
  • be polite, friendly and professional
  • have drive and determination
  • be aware of safe working practices
  • be able to work alone or as part of a team
  • be committed to self development.

Gas Distribution Worker Career Opportunities

Work is available in all parts of the country. The major employer is National Grid, or contracting companies who have been awarded period contracts by National Grid. Some distribution workers are employed by smaller specialist maintenance and building companies and contractors.

Promotion to technician level is possible provided the necessary training is completed.

Further information

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Energy and Utility Skills Register
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Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)
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