Cabin Crew Attendant Careers

How to become a Cabin Crew Attendant

What does a Cabin Crew Attendant do?

Air cabin crew, also known as flight attendants, are responsible for the care and safety of air passengers during flights.

Before a flight they are briefed on the flight and schedule, and informed if any passengers have special requirements. They also check the aircraft to ensure it is clean and tidy, that sufficient supplies are available, and that emergency equipment is in place and in working order.

Before take-off they greet passengers, direct them to their seats, ensure luggage is safely stowed away and demonstrate emergency equipment and procedures.

During a flight they assist passengers as necessary, and may make announcements on behalf of the pilot. They serve food and drinks and sell duty free goods.

In emergency situations cabin crew reassure passengers and ensure that they follow safety procedures and instructions and use safety equipment correctly. They may have to deal with emergencies such as cabin fires, or give first aid to passengers.

At the end of the flight, cabin crew ensure passengers disembark safely. They then complete paperwork, which includes a written flight report recording any unusual incidents, customs and immigration documentation, and accounts of food and drink orders and duty free sales.

What's the working environment like working as a Cabin Crew Attendant?

Hours of work can vary, and include weekends, nights and public holidays. The amount of time spent away from home may change from job to job. Delays and cancellations could mean hours are disrupted.

The work can be demanding and strenuous - cabin crew spend a lot of time on their feet and work in confined spaces. Bad weather can make flying conditions uncomfortable or even dangerous.

Air cabin crew wear uniform, and are expected to be smart and well-groomed.

What does it take to become a Cabin Crew Attendant?

As a member of an air cabin crew, you should:

  • be tactful but assertive, with the ability to deal with difficult situations politely but firmly
  • have a clear speaking voice
  • enjoy team work
  • be calm under pressure and in emergencies
  • be confident, friendly and good with people
  • be sensitive and reassuring towards people who are anxious or upset
  • be able to work quickly and efficiently
  • be confident with money, including foreign currency.

Cabin Crew Attendant Career Opportunities

Competition for places with airlines is very intense. Air cabin crew are usually required to live near the airport where they are based. They could be based overseas as international cabin crew with a British airline.

Experienced staff may gain promotion to senior cabin crew. It may also be possible to transfer to ground-based employment with an airline.

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