Airline Customer Service Careers

How to become an Airline Customer Service

What does a Airline Customer Service do?

Customer service agents are usually employed by individual handling agents to work at airports, and sometimes at city air terminals on behalf of the airlines. Also known as passenger service agents or assistants, they deal with passenger enquiries about flight departures and arrivals, and ensure that passengers and baggage board the correct aircraft.

Customer service agents check passengers in, allocate seat numbers, and issue boarding passes and luggage labels. They weigh the baggage and calculate any excess baggage charges. Agents take payment for charges by cash or credit card.

Customer service agents may escort passengers to and from aircraft and take special care of the elderly and unaccompanied children. It is also their responsibility to calm and reassure nervous passengers. It may be necessary to assist some passengers through immigration and customs, or escort passengers who have night flight connections.

What's the working environment like working as a Airline Customer Service?

As airports operate long hours, customer service agents work shifts. There are opportunities for part-time work.

A great deal of time may be spent standing and walking.

What does it take to become a Airline Customer Service?

To be a customer service agent you should:

  • enjoy working with the public and meeting new people
  • have strong written and spoken communication skills
  • be physically fit
  • have a patient and reassuring manner
  • be polite and tactful
  • have a smart tidy appearance - a uniform will be provided
  • be a team player.

Airline Customer Service Career Opportunities

Most opportunities available are seasonal initially, with the possibility of becoming permanent at the end of the season.

Most opportunities for customer service agents exist at London’s two major airports - Heathrow and Gatwick - with some vacancies in the United Kingdom’s regional airports, including Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands, Leeds/Bradford, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Customer service agents may specialise in different areas of work, such as computer control.

Working as a customer service agent can lead to openings in other areas of airport work. There may be opportunities available for promotion to supervisory or management positions, for example they may work as a flight dispatcher which involves overseeing all aspects of the turnaround of aircrafts.

Further information

If you would like to know anything about Airline Customer Service that does not appear on Hotcourses, further information can be found below.

Information is available from individual handling agents and airlines; most airlines have websites which include information on job vacancies. Vacancies may be advertised in airport jobcentres and local newspapers.

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