Travel Agency Sales Consultant Careers

How to become a Travel Agency Sales Consultant

What does a Travel Agency Sales Consultant do?

Travel agency sales consultants, also known as travel agency sales clerks, advise clients and sell them holidays and travel. Much of their time is spent dealing with clients in person. Consultants usually have sales targets that they must reach.

They talk to clients to find out which kind of holiday they want. When clients have chosen a holiday, they telephone or use a computer to check availability and book the holiday using a computer system linked to the tour operator. They then collect a deposit from the clients and fill in booking forms. They collect the rest of the payment some weeks before the holiday.

Travel agency sales consultants also deal with independent travellers who do not wish to use package holidays. They may help clients plan their journey by using travel timetables and then book their air, rail or ferry tickets and accommodation. They may specialise in business travel.

What's the working environment like working as a Travel Agency Sales Consultant?

Travel agency sales consultants usually work 35 to 40 hours a week over five days, normally between Mondays and Saturdays. Part-time work may be possible.

Consultants spend much of their time sitting at a counter or desk. They may occasionally travel within the UK to attend short training courses.

What does it take to become a Travel Agency Sales Consultant?

To be a travel agency sales consultant you should:

  • enjoy giving a service to the public and dealing with people
  • have an interest in travel and a knowledge of geography
  • be able to cope under pressure at busy times
  • have a good telephone manner and strong communication skills
  • have selling skills, both face-to-face and over the telephone
  • have good keyboard skills
  • have strong numerical ability for calculating costs and handling cash
  • possess excellent organisational skills, and have the ability to work well with other staff as part of a team.

Travel Agency Sales Consultant Career Opportunities

Travel agency consultants work for travel agents throughout the UK. Travel agencies range from small, independent agencies to large agencies that have many branches. A typical travel agency outlet has between three and six staff.

Prospects for promotion vary between employers. Small firms often have little or no promotion possibilities. Large agencies may offer promotion to senior posts, such as branch management. It may be necessary to move from branch to branch or from employer to employer to progress.

There is little possibility of working abroad. Some consultants transfer to work in other areas, such as tourist information or tour operating, including courier and resort representative.

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Facts and Stats:

  • There are one million people in the sales profession, excluding retail sales

  • Half of all sales people are in business-to-business sales.

  • Until something is sold, nothing happens (think about it).
  • The sales process in company IT may take three years.

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