Store Demonstrator Careers

How to become a Store Demonstrator

What does a Store Demonstrator do?

Store demonstrators promote products for a manufacturer or a store. This could include demonstrating a newly-launched gadget or promoting a new product or range.

Demonstrators encourage people to stop at the display and sample the product or watch the demonstration in the hope that they will be tempted to buy. The promotion may be accompnied by special introductory offers, such as price reductions or 'buy one, get one free' deals.

Demonstrators keep records and make sure that the display area is fully stocked and does not run out of supplies during the course of the promotion.

What's the working environment like working as a Store Demonstrator?

Store demonstrators usually work part-time, and generally between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Promotions are targeted at the busiest time, for example, the busiest shopping days are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Promotions can last for one day only or for a week or more.

Promotions usually take place in shopping areas but may also take place at exhibitions, in pubs or in hotels.

Demonstrators spend most of their time standing. They might have to wear a uniform, a promotional tee-shirt or even fancy dress provided by the promoter.

As the location of work varies, it is helpful to have a driving licence.

What does it take to become a Store Demonstrator?

To be a store demonstrator you should:

  • be able to strike up a conversation with passers-by
  • have stamina for the long periods of standing
  • be well-presented with the ability to smile a lot, even when tired
  • have excellent spoken communication skills and confidence when talking to groups of people
  • have the ability to learn about a new product quickly and then explain it to others
  • be reliable - turning up for bookings on time is vital.

Store Demonstrator Career Opportunities

Most store demonstrators work freelance, signing on with one agency or more. This kind of work is likely to last from one to several days. Although there is a greater concentration of stores in the London area, there are opportunities all over the United Kingdom.

Some demonstrators work full or part-time for a particular store.

There is no formal promotion structure, although this type of work is a good stepping-stone for anyone wishing to pursue sales or customer related career. Some store demonstrators find work with agencies, recruiting other demonstrators and dealing with clients.

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Facts and Stats:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte once called England a "nation of shopkeepers".

  • Consumer expenditure per head in the UK is £8,053.

  • The phrase "The customer is always right", was coined by H Gordon Selfridge.

  • The annual sales of digestive biscuits, if stacked on top of each other, would reach 275 miles high That's 4,500 times the height of Nelson's Column or 1,400 times the height of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Britain's first department store was Selfridges, which was opened in 1909.

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