Self Employment Franchisee Careers

How to become a Self Employment Franchisee

What does a Self Employment Franchisee do?

A franchise is an arrangement between a well-known company (the franchiser) and a local operator (the franchisee) who is self-employed. The franchisee pays the company an initial fee to use the brand, systems and knowledge of the company and a management service fee, based on a percentage of turnover. In return, back- up support is given which usually includes guidelines for running the business, advertising, design and layout of business premises, and continuing support and training.

This means that they can use a well-known brand name for their business with the benefit that the name and its products are already familiar to the general public. Many types of business are run as franchises, for example, convenience and take-away food stores, printing, vehicle hire and professional cleaning services .

Although in most cases a great deal of information and support is available from the franchiser, franchisees need to understand the basic principles of running a business from a financial and operational point of view. They also to be able to evaluate the different franchise agreements available.

What's the working environment like working as a Self Employment Franchisee?

Most franchises involve long working hours. Actual hours worked varies according to the type of business and may involve evening and weekend work.

The work environment also varies according to the nature of the franchise.

What does it take to become a Self Employment Franchisee?

To be a self employed franchisee you should:

  • be independent, energetic and self-motivated
  • have the ability to run your own business
  • be able to work in an organised way
  • be able to follow the guidelines and requirements of the franchiser
  • be able to market and promote your own business locally
  • have good communication skills
  • be capable of supervising and motivating employees.

Self Employment Franchisee Career Opportunities

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  • The phrase "The customer is always right", was coined by H Gordon Selfridge.

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