Roundsperson Careers

How to become a Roundsperson

What does a Roundsperson do?

Working as a roundsperson involves delivering and selling goods and services to homes and businesses, usually by van. This may be on a self-employed basis, or as a franchisee, working for a company and paying a percentage of the earnings to them.

Areas in which roundspeople work include making home deliveries of milk and other dairy items; providing a sandwich service to businesses; selling ice-cream or fast food and running mobile shops selling goods ranging from foodstuffs to books and cleaning products.

The work also involves collecting stock from wholesalers, handling cash and keeping accurate records.

What's the working environment like working as a Roundsperson?

Most roundspeople are self-employed, and although the hours are flexible, they must work at times to suit customers. It is common to work 40 to 48 hours a week, including evenings and weekends. Part-time work may be available.

Some roundspeople, such as milkmen and women, have a more structured day, although this does involve an early start. Running a mobile shop requires staying in certain places for a set length of time. Some rounds are seasonal, such as those involving fast food and ice cream, and hours will vary.

What does it take to become a Roundsperson?

To be a roundsperson you should:

  • be reliable and focused on the needs of your customers
  • enjoy dealing with the public
  • be well organised, with good time-management skills and some general business skills
  • have basic computer and maths skills
  • be able to keep accurate records and deal with large amounts of cash
  • have a good knowledge of the area in which you work and be able to read maps
  • be reasonably fit, able to get up early and be prepared to work in all types of weather.

Roundsperson Career Opportunities

Possible employers include wholesale distributors, manufacturing firms, service companies and dairies. Demand for roundspeople is more likely to be in rural areas.

There is a steady demand for franchisees all over the UK. Taking on a franchise will usually involve putting in some money yourself.

Further information

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Facts and Stats:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte once called England a "nation of shopkeepers".

  • Consumer expenditure per head in the UK is £8,053.

  • The phrase "The customer is always right", was coined by H Gordon Selfridge.

  • The annual sales of digestive biscuits, if stacked on top of each other, would reach 275 miles high That's 4,500 times the height of Nelson's Column or 1,400 times the height of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Britain's first department store was Selfridges, which was opened in 1909.

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