Pet Shop Careers

How to become a Pet Shop

What does a Pet Shop do?

Pet shop workers or assistants are responsible for serving customers. They sell domestic animals, for example rabbits, kittens, lizards and fish, and also pet food, cages, accessories and equipment. They often advise customers on pet care and products.

Some shops may specialise in a particular type of animal, for example aquatic centres which sell mainly fish. Workers here may be expected to provide more in- depth advice and information.

Pet shop workers also carry out the routine tasks of providing food and water for the animals; cleaning both animals and cages; and exercising animals where necessary. This will involve handling many different kinds of creature, which may also be necessary when showing them to customers.

Other duties might include, maintaining stock levels; dealing with deliveries; taking payments, and weighing food quantities.

What's the working environment like working as a Pet Shop?

Pet shop workers usually work around 39 hours a week, during the day, Monday to Sunday. Part-time hours are often available.

The work can be smelly and dirty, so overalls or an apron may need to be worn. This job can involve strenuous activity and, due to contact with animals and cleaning agents, can be unsuitable for people with certain skin conditions.

What does it take to become a Pet Shop?

To be a pet shop worker you should:

  • have good customer service skills
  • enjoy working with animals and be prepared to learn more about them
  • be aware of health and safety issues and regulations
  • have numeracy skills for handling cash
  • be happy to handle all kinds of animals
  • be prepared to clean out dirty cages and deal with routine tasks.

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