Motor Vehicle Parts Person Careers

How to become a Motor Vehicle Parts Person

What does a Motor Vehicle Parts Person do?

A motor vehicle parts person uses specialist knowledge of vehicle components to sell motor parts and accessories to garages, dealerships and the general public. A parts person may work with light vehicles – cars, small vans and motorcycles; or they may deal with heavy vehicle spares for lorries, plant machinery, buses and coaches. Day-to-day duties include:

  • liaising with mechanics or customers in the shop or at the service centre reception area
  • taking exact details and specifications of the part(s) required, such as year, make and model
  • checking records for the the availability of stock, usually held on a computer database
  • retrieving parts form the stockroom or warehouse or, if out of stock, ordering parts in from component suppliers
  • taking delivery of parts from suppliers
  • assembling orders, booking couriers and making deliveries
  • dealing with customer transactions both face-to face, over the phone and via email
  • carrying out regular stock control checks, updating records and reordering supplies
  • processing returns and dealing with enquiries and complaints
  • maintaining shop window and shelf displays.

Depending on the workplace, the role may be combined with that of technician, dealing with the service and repair of vehicles, or it may be coupled with car sales.

What's the working environment like working as a Motor Vehicle Parts Person?

A parts person works between 40 and 45 hours a week, usually 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Many stores are also open Saturday morning.

Working environments vary from retail outlets to warehouses attached to service centres and dealerships. A driving licence is normally required, as making deliveries is often part of the job.

What does it take to become a Motor Vehicle Parts Person?

To be a motor vehicle parts person you should:

  • have an excellent knowledge of vehicle parts and accessories
  • have excellent communication and customer care skills
  • be computer literate
  • have administration skills
  • have good numeracy skills
  • have a polite and confident manner in person and over the phone
  • be able to explain technical details clearly to mechanics and to the public.

Motor Vehicle Parts Person Career Opportunities

Motor vehicle parts people work in a range of settings, from large service centres where the main clients are car dealerships to independent garages working directly with the public. There are also a lot of small retail outlets dealing specifically with car spares and accessories.

With experience, motor vehicle parts people may be able to go on to supervisory and management positions. Self-employment is possible as a parts supplier.

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