Social Work Assistant Careers

How to become Social Work Assistant

What does a Social Work Assistant do?

The role of a social work assistant is to support the social worker in their duties. Social work involves offering advice, counselling, support and protection to a wide range of people within the community, in hospitals, and other settings. Social work assistants work to support families under stress, the elderly, the disabled, people with mental health problems, the homeless, and children in need of care and protection.

Social work assistants may work with people based in the community, residential care homes, hostels and patients in hospital.

Working under the supervision of a qualified social worker, the assistant will help with day-to-day tasks, which can include:

  • making contact with clients and setting up appointments
  • carrying out routine visits to assess clients needs
  • keeping up-to-date with changes in legislation
  • arranging and participating in multidisciplinary team meetings
  • liaising with other agencies and following up enquiries. Though social work assistants don't need to be qualified in order to get this job, they may choose to take social work courses so that they can be promoted eventually.

What's the working environment like working as a Social Work Assistant?

Local authorities and agencies, which employ social work assistants, usually offer a 24 hour service and therefore shift work is likely.

If working in the community, much of the time is spent away from the office visiting clients and other agencies. Assistants may also work in residential homes and hospitals.

What does it take to become a Social Work Assistant?

As a social work assistant, you will need:

  • a practical approach to work
  • the ability to empathise with your clients situation
  • to be able to relate to a variety of people
  • the ability to cope with occasional abuse and a lack of co- operation from clients
  • to be observant, patient and determined.

Social Work Assistant Career Opportunities

Further information

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Tel: 0845 604 6404

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Goldings House
2 Hay's Lane
Tel: 020 7397 5800
Registration helpline: 0845 070 0630

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Compass House
Discovery Quay
11 Riverside Drive
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Care Council for Wales (CCW)
7th Floor
South Gate House
Wood Street
CF10 1EW
Tel: 029 2022 6257

Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC)
7th Floor Millennium House
Great Victoria Street
Tel: 028 9041 7600

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