Immigration Assistant Officer Careers

How to become Immigration Assistant Officer

What does a Immigration Assistant Officer do?

Assistant immigration officers are based at air and seaports around the UK, and at the Channel tunnel, and assist in maintaining effective immigration control.

They check passengers' eligibility to enter and remain in the UK by examining passports and documentation relating to work permits, and by conducting personal interviews.

The work may also involve taking fingerprints, surveillance work, arranging for the removal of those who do not qualify to remain in the UK, and occasionally - with police assistance - taking part in immigration visits.

Record-keeping and clerical work are an important aspect of the work.

What's the working environment like working as a Immigration Assistant Officer?

Most assistant immigration officers work shifts that include nights, weekends and public holidays. A minimum of 36 hours per week is normally worked.

Most of the work is office-based. Travel around the country on surveillance work may be necessary.

What does it take to become a Immigration Assistant Officer?

To be an assistant immigration officer you should:

  • be confident
  • be well-organised and reliable
  • be able to work under pressure
  • have good judgement
  • have excellent written and spoken communications skills
  • be able to work well with people
  • have good report-writing skills.

Immigration Assistant Officer Career Opportunities

There has been a large and ongoing expansion programme within the immigration service. Assistant immigration officers are based at over 50 airports and seaports around the UK, and at the Channel Tunnel.

As with most positions in the civil service there is a clear promotion route. Promotion to immigration officer is the normal route, for which in-house training is provided (see Immigration Officer profile).

Most officers stay in one post for several years, but all must be prepared to serve anywhere in the UK.

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