Charity Fundraising Manager Careers

How to become Charity Fundraising Manager

What does a Charity Fundraising Manager do?

Charity fundraising managers are responsible for managing all the various systems of raising money for their charity, and for managing other fundraising staff and volunteers. Activities are wide-ranging and include:

  • direct marketing - working with advertisers to target advertising campaigns, devise appropriate adverts and analyse the success of the campaign; they may use a variety of media to contact donors
  • corporate fundraising - building relationships with companies to find ways of raising money, such as donations by customers or staff, or getting company sponsorship
  • work with donors - high-level donors are kept up-to-date with the charity's performance and are invited to functions and receptions; many charities develop long-term relationships with donors through membership schemes which managers administer
  • regional fundraising activities - organising events or managing volunteers running the events
  • trading - this includes charity shops and mail order; managers may be responsible for finding and buying products, organising catalogues and order processing
  • special events - balls, galas and first nights; managers book theatres, liaise with advertising agencies, send invitations, organise sponsorship and liaise with the press
  • raising awareness - giving talks to groups of people and attending social functions; promoting the idea of giving to charities by legacy is another growth area.
In large charities, fundraising managers may specialise in one or more of these functions; in small organisations they may carry out all of these tasks.

What's the working environment like working as a Charity Fundraising Manager?

Hours vary from 40 to 48 hours a week depending on location. Weekend and evening work is common.

Some managers are office-based, although there is some time spent away from the office working from home, travelling to visit companies or attending meetings. There may be short stays away from home.

A driving licence is often needed.

What does it take to become a Charity Fundraising Manager?

To be a charity fundraising manager, you should have:

  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • good written and spoken communication skills
  • presentation skills - to give talks to groups of people
  • persuasive ability, management and leadership
  • negotiating skills and the ability to motivate others
  • creativity and imagination
  • organisational abilities
  • the ability to manageme accounts and budgets and to meet financial targets
  • drive and enthusiasm and a strong commitment to your charity’s cause.

Charity Fundraising Manager Career Opportunities

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Facts and Stats:

  • 22 million adults take part in a voluntary activity each year
  • Total sales of tickets since the launch of the National Lottery in November 1994 up to June 22nd 1999 have been £22.9 billion.
  • If all the volunteers from The Samaritans lay down end to end the line would stretch for 20 miles, the distance travelled, through air, by a cry of pain in 100 seconds