Army Officer Careers

How to become an Army Officer

What does a Army Officer do?

Army officers lead and manage a team of trained soldiers. They look after the operational effectiveness, training, discipline, welfare and career development of the soldiers under their command. The army plays an important part in NATO and UN operations wherever required in the world. Many overseas operations nowadays involve peacekeeping and humanitarian roles.

The army is formed of regiments and corps, divided into:

  • the Combat Arms - troops directly involved in fighting in battle. They include the cavalry, armoured corps, air corps, and the infantry
  • the Combat Support Arms - provide artillery, field engineering, signals and intelligence support, whilst fighting in close support of the Combat Arms
  • the Services - provide a range of essential support services to the other Arms, for example, administration, transport and logistics, catering, technical engineering and medical care.
Officers who carry out their own professions include nursing, medical and dental officers, barristers and solicitors, veterinary surgeons and chaplains.

What's the working environment like working as a Army Officer?

Hours vary depending on the situation. Army officers may work daytime hours or shifts. During exercises and operations, hours may be long and irregular, and they may be separated from their family for long periods.

Army officers are stationed in the UK and overseas and they are trained to work in a wide range of conditions and situations. The immediate work environment varies with the job and may include deskwork, outdoor work, field conditions and specialist areas such as workshops or kitchens.

What does it take to become a Army Officer?

To be an army officer you should:

  • be able to inspire and motivate others to perform difficult tasks
  • be self-disciplined and confident
  • work well in a team
  • have reasonable IT skills
  • have good communication skills
  • be able to take responsibility and make decisions
  • be physically fit
  • have good organisational skills
  • be prepared to go into combat.

Army Officer Career Opportunities

There is a constant need for new recruits, so suitable candidates are always in demand.

Promotion is from second lieutenant through lieutenant, captain, major, lieutenant colonel and beyond.

Further information

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Information and advice are available from a local Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) which you should be listed in telephone directories.

British Army
Tel: 08457 300111

Army Training and Recruiting Agency
Trenchard Lines
Tel: 01980 615041

Welbeck College
Forest Road
LE12 8WD

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