Ambulance Care Assistant Careers

How to become an Ambulance Care Assistant

What does a Ambulance Care Assistant do?

Ambulance care assistants, also known as patient care services in Northern Ireland, transport non-emergency patients to and from hospital for pre-arranged appointments. Working in the Patient Transport Service, they help patients in and out of the ambulance and take them to their appointment. Afterwards the patient is driven back to their home, and the care assistant will ensure they are settled in before leaving.

Many of the people care assistants deal with are frail, elderly, physically disabled or have mental health problems. They are likely to be worried and nervous and need to be treated with kindness and patience.

Throughout the working day staff are in regular contact with the control room.

What's the working environment like working as a Ambulance Care Assistant?

Ambulance personnel in the NHS work 39 hours a week. Unsocial hours may be required to meet the needs of the service. Part-time positions are available.

A great deal of time is spent out on the road. This work involves a lot of heavy lifting, carrying and bending. Ambulance care assistants are responsible for the routine maintenance of their vehicle and its equipment.

What does it take to become a Ambulance Care Assistant?

As an ambulance care assistant, you will need:

  • a warm, outgoing, caring personality
  • the ability to work with all types of people
  • to enjoy helping people
  • good driving skills and a full clean driving licence
  • a strong sense of responsibility and a serious attitude to work
  • good organisational skills
  • to enjoy being part of a team
  • physical and emotional stamina.

Ambulance Care Assistant Career Opportunities

Most ambulance personnel are trained by and work for the NHS, although there are some opportunities to train and work in the armed forces.

There are some openings for NHS trained staff with private ambulance services, run by private hospitals or large firms with their own on-site ambulance service.

Some care assistants progress to other roles within the ambulance service such as ambulance technician and paramedic; see relevant job profiles. Opportunities may also exist within departments such as training, personnel, health and safety, and operations management.

Employment in the ambulance service is generally stable. In order to find a post, applicants may need to relocate.

Further information

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