Dramatherapist Careers

How to become Dramatherapist

What does a Dramatherapist do?

Dramatherapists use group work and role-play to encourage people to come to terms with a range of feelings and emotions, and to experience psychological healing. They help clients to develop their imagination and the creative side of their personality, with the aim of effecting a positive change. They work closely with other professionals such as psychologists, social workers, teachers and other therapy specialists.

Dramatherapists use a range of methods to engage clients. They encourage people to work as part of a group, to form one-to-one relationships and to express what they feel and think about the world around them. Dramatherapy builds on clients' own experiences and also on traditional myths and stories. Clients act out situations in a safe and non-judgemental environment and by doing so, they are enabled to develop their own insight and personal strengths.

Dramatherapists are state registered and regulated by the Health Professions Council (HPC).

What's the working environment like working as a Dramatherapist?

Dramatherapists often have uncertain and irregular working hours, sometimes working on short-term projects in a number of different locations.

Dramatherapy sessions take place in a variety of locations including schools, hospitals, prisons and day centres. It may be necessary to hold a driving licence for some posts.

What does it take to become a Dramatherapist?

To be a dramatherapist you should:

  • be an excellent communicator
  • be interested and experienced in drama and theatrical work
  • have the desire to understand and help people with their problems
  • have a lively and imaginative approach to work, with the versatility to address situations in different ways
  • have a good understanding of the principles and working practice of therapy
  • have the patience to establish and sustain a possibly lengthy therapeutic relationship
  • be mentally capable of dealing with distressing situations.

Dramatherapist Career Opportunities

The majority of posts are in the NHS or with local social services departments, although there are opportunities for work in schools and voluntary organisations and in private practice. Work often depends on organisations gaining funding for particular projects.

Many dramatherapists work on a freelance basis.

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