Marketing Executive Careers

How to become Marketing Executive

What does a Marketing Executive do?

Marketing executives manage and influence the relationship between a client's products and services and the marketplace. They match a client's business to their customer's requirements using market research, database marketing and analysis. They promote products and services through raising public awareness, developing brands and promoting brand loyalty

Marketing executives work on developing new marketing strategies. They may analyse competitor surveys, brand positioning and pricing trends. This understanding is used to identify promotional or advertising opportunities and a campaign is established. After a period of liaising with other departments, consulting with clients and presenting ideas, the approach is agreed. Marketing executives need to communicate with their customers and the wider media through strategies like mailshots and press releases.

Marketing executives need to establish contacts, socialise with customers and network with other business associates.

What's the working environment like working as a Marketing Executive?

Marketing executives usually work Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm but can work additional hours in the lead up to a campaign launch or through a heavy workload. They can also spend time travelling to meet clients and attend conferences, exhibitions and product launches.

Executives are normally office based but may work from home or attend meetings in a variety of locations.

What does it take to become a Marketing Executive?

To be a marketing executive you will need:

  • drive and determination
  • good communication skills, both written and spoken
  • a creative approach to new campaigns
  • good negotiating and interpersonal skills
  • strong organisational skills
  • commercial awareness, for pricing and analysing data
  • good numeracy skills and a knowledge of statistics
  • a high standard of computer literacy.

Marketing Executive Career Opportunities

Opportunities exist in the consumer sector with both manufacturers and retail chains, as well as the service and public sectors. Marketing executives could also work for marketing consultancies specialising in communications, advertising or market research. It is possible for them to become freelance or set up their own consultancies with some years experience.

Promotion is linked to performance and involves taking on more responsibility and managing a larger and larger team. Marketing executives can become marketing managers and then perhaps marketing directors.

Graduates tend to enter the UK market initially until they have sufficient experience and then may move into international or export marketing.

Further information

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The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
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The Communication, Advertising and Marketing Foundation (CAM)
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The Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM)
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Tel: 020 8614 0277

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