Advertising Creative Careers

How to become an Advertising Creative

What does a Advertising Creative do?

Advertising creatives/copywriters work in advertising agencies as part of a team with an art director. They deal with written words, or 'copy', while an art director handles visual images.

The work may include writing slogans for posters and advertisements, text for leaflets and brochures, and scripts or jingles for TV and radio. The challenge is to make the creative solutions new and fresh while at the same time persuading people to purchase or use a product or service.

Creatives/copywriters receive a brief from the account management team that gives background information about the client, its products and the target audience. Working with the art director, ideas are developed from the brief. They are shown to the creative director and then the client who may suggest further modifications.

Once an idea is selected creatives/copywriters complete the rest of the body copy (the detailed information) making sure it is accurate and complies with the various codes of advertising practice. Creatives/copywriters often work on several briefs at once.

Another aspect of the work includes attending meetings with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

What's the working environment like working as a Advertising Creative?

Hours may be long and irregular, and in order to meet deadlines some weekend work may be required.

The work is office based but may involve some time travelling to meet clients, and to visit TV or radio studios, or locations where ads are being recorded or filmed.

What does it take to become a Advertising Creative?

To be an advertising creative you should:

  • have excellent writing skills
  • have a commercial awareness an understanding of your client’s products
  • be able to express a message clearly, briefly and persuasively
  • be creative with a good eye for detail
  • have some understanding of design, photography and typography
  • be able to work as part of a team and with a range of people often under pressure
  • be resilient and able to cope with criticism
  • have enthusiasm for your work without becoming too attached to it
  • be able to use the Internet and other databases to find information
  • have a good all round general knowledge as a source of ideas.

Advertising Creative Career Opportunities

Further information

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Facts and Stats:

  • The Advertising Standards Association received 589 complaints in 1998 against the Irn Bru drinks advert that featured a cow with the caption ''When I''m a burger I want to be washed down by Irn Bru''
  • The first colour advert on TV in 1969 was for Birds Eye peas
  • Salman Rushdie once worked as an advertising copy writer
  • Advertising is not permitted on the Champs Elysées in Paris
  • ''Advertising insults my intelligence'', say 42 per cent of people in the UK, 23 per cent in Ireland and 49 per cent in the USA