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How to become Shoe Repairer

What does a Shoe Repairer do?

Shoe repairers mend and maintain footwear, and increasingly other accessories such as belts and bags. Jobs include replacing worn soles and heels, as well as carrying out more complicated tasks such as renewing stitching and welts or building up heels and soles. They also clean, polish, dye or stain shoes, and replace accessories such as buckles, laces, zips and straps.

The repairs are carried out at a workbench, using specialist tools and machinery. Shoe repairersmaintain their own equipment, sharpening cutting tools and regularly servicing machinery. Most shoe repairers are based in high street shops, where other services such as key cutting, watch repair and engraving are offered.

Dealing with payments from customers may be part of the job; and if self employed, repairers will be responsible for keeping their own accounts.

What's the working environment like working as a Shoe Repairer?

Most shoe repairers work a 40-hour week, including Saturdays. It is possible to work part-time.

The job involves a great deal of standing, working with machinery and hand tools. The job can be dusty, dirty and noisy, and work can involve dealing with fumes from strong adhesives. All shoe repairers wear protective clothing.

What does it take to become a Shoe Repairer?

As a shoe repairer, you should:

  • have good practical skills
  • be patient and able to pay attention to detail
  • be safety conscious
  • be able to work on your own initiative
  • be good at dealing with customers, listening to their requirements and explaining the repair
  • be able to work under pressure if necessary, to meet deadlines
  • be able to estimate costs and have cash-handling skills
  • have good eyesight in order to work with small stitching
  • have normal colour vision to match dye colours.

Shoe Repairer Career Opportunities

There are around 8,000 shoe repairers in the UK, mostly working in small companies. More and more repair outlets are based in national companies or larger retail chains, department stores or shoe retailers.

There are a few opportunities to work in high quality shoe-making factories, dealing with shoes returned for repair.

Once experienced, many shoe repairers set up their own business.

National organisations have a promotion structure that allows you to progress to assistant manager and shop manager before moving on to area or regional manager.

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