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How to become Organisation & Methods Officer

What does a Organisation & Methods Officer do?

Work study/organisation and methods officers are also known as management/productivity service officers, or industrial engineers. Work study/organisation and methods officers help the companies they work for to make the most efficient use of labour, raw materials and equipment, and improve productivity and quality. The role involves helping to estimate the cost of projects and new products to establish a price for the job.

Work study, and organisation and methods are slightly different jobs. Work study officers specialise mainly in the manufacturing business. Organisation and methods officers are more concerned with the needs of commerce and office-based work.

Your work can involve the following elements:

  • observing, recording and analysing the way tasks are performed, looking for processes that waste time or materials, or that could be made more efficient by introducing new equipment
  • interviewing employees and watching them at work, timing how long it takes for them to perform tasks, for the purpose of setting rates of pay or working out staffing needs
  • using computers to analyse data
  • devising solutions to problems and making recommendations for changes.

What's the working environment like working as a Organisation & Methods Officer?

Work study/organisation and methods officers usually work normal office hours, Monday to Friday. However, depending on the job, these hours could include shifts, overtime, night and weekend work.

The work is office based, but they could spend time observing people and talking to them in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations like factories, farms and building sites.

Some assignments involve a considerable amount of travel and long periods away from home, possibly overseas.

What does it take to become a Organisation & Methods Officer?

As a work study/organisation and methods officer, you should:

  • have a logical mind and good analytical skills
  • be numerate
  • be able to use computers to analyse data and produce reports
  • have good spoken and written communication skills
  • be able to work well with others
  • be tactful and diplomatic
  • pay attention to detail
  • be able to negotiate with management and other staff to accept your proposals
  • preferably have a driving licence.

Organisation & Methods Officer Career Opportunities

Work study/organisation and methods officers are employed in organisations such as the financial sector, management consultancy, local government, the health service, the newly privatised utilities, transport and the textile industries.

In many organisations work study/organisation and methods duties are carried out by the general management team. There is now less demand for specialist practitioners.

Promotion to team leader or department head is possible. Many people use the experience and skills they have gained through organisation and methods/work study to move into general management.

There may be opportunities to work abroad.

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