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How to become Manufacturing Systems Engineer

What does a Manufacturing Systems Engineer do?

Manufacturing systems engineers work in a variety of manufacturing industries. They design, develop, improve and implement manufacturing systems used in production methods.

They use computer-aided design software packages to build three-dimensional virtual models that replicate production processes. Engineers analyse production processes, which involves calculating and monitoring the efficiency of the production area. They recommend and implement improvements where necessary.

The work involves liasing with engineering technicians, quality control and purchasing departments. Engineers produce reports on progress, taking into account costs.

Experienced manufacturing systems engineers usually hold incorporated or chartered status.

Incorporated engineers specialise in developing and applying modern technology. They have a detailed knowledge and understanding of current engineering applications, and have the practical skills and knowledge to put plans into practice. They often hold key operational management roles.

Chartered engineers have greater theoretical engineering knowledge and can be involved in research and development or manufacture and installation. They are often project leaders and are responsible for teams of incorporated engineers and technicians.

What's the working environment like working as a Manufacturing Systems Engineer?

Hours can vary and may involve shift work and on call duties.

The working environment depends on the industry, and may involve working in a factory, workshop, office or a laboratory. Conditions are dependent on the types of products being produced. They can be ultra clean, light and airy, others can be dirty and noisy. Protective clothing may needed to protect the wearer and in some cases the process, such as in electronics manufacturing.

What does it take to become a Manufacturing Systems Engineer?

To be a manufacturing systems engineer you should:

  • have a strong understanding of physics and mathematics
  • be highly computer literate
  • have good organisational and problem solving skills
  • be able to understand technical drawings and diagrams
  • have excellent communication skills
  • be able to manage others.

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