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How to become Light Industry Assembler

What does a Light Industry Assembler do?

Assemblers working in light industry, fit components and parts together to make products. These may be complete items or part-finished goods, which then move on to the next stage in the production process. Work is typically done on an assembly line, sitting or standing along a single bench or conveyor belt.

A common example is electronics assembly work, where microchips and other components are fixed to printed circuit boards (PCBs). The boards are then used to make up consumer goods such as TVs, videos, DVDs, computers and washing machines. Assemblers further down the line fit the outer casings before the goods go off for packaging.

Assemblers follow set instructions, putting together parts in a specified sequence. Problems in the assembly process are reported to line managers, and any administrative records are kept up to date. Some assembly workers' duties include monitoring and simple quality checks.

A range of hand and power tools is used, such as screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers, drills and soldering irons. Magnifiers are sometimes used for very detailed work.

Other manufacturing sectors using light assembly workers include furniture, clothing, textiles, soft furnishings, automotive supplies and paper.

What's the working environment like working as a Light Industry Assembler?

Assemblers usually work a 37- to 40-hour week. Shiftwork is common, including weekends and nights. Part-time work is widely available.

Assemblers work in factories, which are usually light and clean, particularly in electronics assembly. Depending on the industry, workers may have to wear protective overalls, head coverings, gloves or goggles.

What does it take to become a Light Industry Assembler?

To work as a light industry assembler, you should:

  • enjoy practical work
  • have good manual skills
  • be able to follow instructions and diagrams
  • be able to perform repetitive tasks quickly and accurately
  • be able to concentrate for long periods
  • be able to work in a team.

Light Industry Assembler Career Opportunities

Assemblers are employed throughout the UK by all kinds of manufacturing companies. The electrical, electronic and information technology industries are the largest employers of assemblers. However, the work is becoming increasingly automated, which will impact on the availability of jobs.

Promotion is possible to supervisor, team leader or quality control assistant.

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