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How to become Electronic Assembly Worker

What does a Electronic Assembly Worker do?

Electronic assembly workers are involved in the process of putting together electronic equipment. They usually work on an assembly line adding one part to the whole process of making an item such as a video recorder. The work involves soldering parts onto a circuit board, using screwdrivers and other hand tools. Tasks are often routine and repetitive.

What's the working environment like working as a Electronic Assembly Worker?

Hours can involve shift work. Electronic factories are usually modern and clean. The work involves sitting or standing at an assembly bench.

What does it take to become a Electronic Assembly Worker?

The ability to cope with intricate and precise work is necessary, and it is important to work quickly and methodically. Assembly workers need to be able to work as part of a team on a production line.

The skills required include maintaining product quality, pre-production checks and tasks, undertake tasks to complete a manufacturing operation, working safely in an industrial environment, assembling components and sub-assemblies, assembling and packaging products.

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