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What does a Brewer do?

Brewers are responsible for managing the production of ales, stout and lager of a consistent quality from hops, cereals, yeast and water. Technical Brewers or Process Managers have responsibility for several or all of the production stages. They monitor brewing production processes, test samples, organise raw materials and check quality. In a large firm they may specialise in a particular stage of the brewing process but in a smaller company their duties can be more wide-ranging and might include managing staff. The work may involve using computers and sophisticated technical equipment.

What's the working environment like working as a Brewer?

Working hours may vary, but will usually involve a 35-40 hour week. Some evening, weekend and shift work may be required. Most time is spent in a hot, wet and noisy environment, closely supervising the brewing process. Protective clothing is worn. Much standing, walking and occasionally climbing inside fermentation vessels is involved. Some office work may be necessary.

What does it take to become a Brewer?

Technical Brewers need knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and biology together with some understanding of mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering. Good standards of numeracy and computer literacy are necessary. The ability to communicate with staff at all levels and to manage operators and technicians is important. General business management skills are useful. Good physical fitness is needed.

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