Registered Care Home Manager Careers

How to become registered care home manager

What does a registered care home manager do?

Care home managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of residential care homes, which includes overseeing all activities within the home, the supervision and training of staff, and ensuring the quality of the service is maintained. The registered part means they are affiliated with a care-related governing body, showing their level of training and work is to a high standard.

Care home managers normally specialise with one of the following client groups: older people; people with mental health problems (and for that they may choose to train in mental health nursing); people with learning disabilities; young adults; the terminally ill; people with physical disabilities; children at risk; and families.

A registered care home manager's role is likely to involve some or all of the following:

  • managing employee and business performance
  • developing ways to promote the rights and responsibilities of service users
  • fundraising, negotiating bids and working within budgetary constraints
  • providing support for clients, families and carers
  • facilitating access to ordinary local services
  • providing the opportunity to contribute to the local community
  • developing clear policies and practices regarding quality standards, health and safety, and other relevant legislation.

Care homes and the people who manage them are required to meet the National Minimum Standards laid out in health care legislation. These may vary depending on the client group in the care home. It is vital for managers to be aware of the specific standards appropriate to their service and residents. The National Minimum Standards are issued by the Department of Health and can be found on the Commission for Social Care Inspection website under Information for Service Providers. Contacts can be found in Further Information.


What's the working environment like working as a registered care home manager?

Care home managers usually work 35 to 40 hours a week, which may include shifts and weekend work, and some on-call duties in the event of an emergency.

Some posts may have the requirement to live-in, as part of the employment contract.


What does it take to become a registered care home manager? 

To be a care home manager you should:

  • have strong interpersonal and counselling skills
  • have experience of assessing an individual's care and support needs
  • have negotiating and budgetary management skills
  • be able to maintain accurate records
  • have knowledge of relevant legislation, services and resources
  • have knowledge of specific medical conditions of service users
  • be able to build effective working relationships with residents, their families, staff and other professionals.


Further information

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