personnel manager

How to become personnel manager

What does a personnel manager do?

The work of a personnel manager, sometimes referred to as a human resources manager, can vary depending on the size of the organisation. The work covers recruitment, staff training and development and terms and conditions of employment, including administration of salaries and wages. The personnel manager may also deal with Trade Union Representatives, disputes and redundancies. In small companies he/she may cover the whole range of functions, or in a large organisation specialise in one area.

What's the working environment like working as a personnel manager ?

The hours are usually standard office hours, Monday to Friday, with additional hours being required when pressure of work builds up.

The work is office based working closely with other departments in the company.

What does it take to become a personnel manager?

To be a personnel manager you should:

  • enjoy working with people and have good communication skills
  • have strong organisational skills
  • be able to manage computerised personnel information systems
  • be able to analyse situations and solve problems
  • have an understanding of budgets
  • be able to work with statistical information