Travel Courier Careers

How to become Travel Courier

What does a Travel Courier do?

Travel couriers are responsible for making sure that travel arrangements for parties of holiday-makers run smoothly, on time and enjoyably.

Coach couriers escort parties from the UK to the continent, then return with another party making the journey back to the UK. Some coach couriers escort parties just within the UK.

Transfer couriers meet parties of holiday-makers on their arrival at an airport. They see them through customs and immigration and organise the boarding of the party and their luggage onto a coach to take them to their resort.

During any changes of transport such as coach to ferry, couriers are responsible for making sure that all passengers and luggage are successfully transferred before the next stage of the journey begins. Throughout the journey travel couriers give a spoken commentary on passing places of interest. They deal with any problems, eg lost luggage or illness. An important part of a courier's work is to liaise with coach drivers, ferry staff, hotel staff, customs and immigration officers.

What's the working environment like working as a Travel Courier?

Most couriers are employed for a season’s work only; short-term work is common. Working hours include shiftwork, weekends, evenings and sometimes nights.

What does it take to become a Travel Courier?

As a travel courier you should:

  • enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people
  • be outgoing, self-confident, polite and tolerant
  • be adaptable, flexible and able to make decisions
  • be able to work well under pressure and be able to cope with emergencies and crises
  • have excellent listening and speaking skills
  • be able to work without supervision
  • have a smart appearance
  • be able to keep accurate written records
  • be in good health with energy and stamina
  • have a good working knowledge of one or more foreign languages if working abroad.

Travel Courier Career Opportunities

Most travel couriers are freelance and work on short-term contracts for tour operators that organise package tours, particularly those that include coach transport. Companies range from large, international companies to small, specialist firms.

In some companies entrants begin as transfer couriers and progress to coach courier or tour manager. Others may become overseas resort representatives or enter office-based work for a tour operator in the UK.

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