Theme Park/ Fairground Worker Careers

How to become Theme Park/ Fairground Worker

What does a Theme Park/ Fairground Worker do?

Working in theme parks, fairgrounds and visitor attractions involves operating and supervising rides, often as part of a team.On some rides theme park workers operate the machinery from a control box, which may involve making announcements over a public address system. In bigger theme parks they may work as ‘floaters’, spending time on a series of different rides.

Daily safety checks on the rides are made before the park is open. Minor repairs using tools such as spanners and screwdrivers, and some general cleaning work may also be involved.

Those working with a travelling fair will also dismantle rides and other attractions, load them for transportation, and reassemble them at the next site.

What's the working environment like working as a Theme Park/ Fairground Worker?

Working at theme parks and fairs involves long hours and usually includes weekend, evening and shift work. Some fairground workers are employed casually over holiday periods. Long-term workers may live on site in mobile homes and travel round the country with the shows.

The work is mainly outdoors. Work in travelling fairs includes assembling and dismantling rides, whichinvolves strenuous effort, lifting and carrying.

What does it take to become a Theme Park/ Fairground Worker?

To be a theme park or fairground operative you should:

  • enjoy dealing with members of the public and have good customer care skills
  • be safety-conscious
  • be able to follow set instructions and procedures
  • be able to keep calm and cope with emergencies
  • have experience of handling money
  • have mechanical and practical ability for dismantling and reassembling rides
  • be physically strong for work with heavy machinery.
An LGV driving licence is useful if working in a travelling fair.

Theme Park/ Fairground Worker Career Opportunities

There are around 100 principal theme and leisure parks in the UK, employing about 20,000 people. There are also several hundred smaller parks.

Promotion to supervisory posts, or opportunities to train for management positions may be available in larger parks. There may be opportunities to work in theme parks abroad.

Some workers move into related industries such as catering. There may be work available in shops and catering outlets, as well as for cleaners, security guards, and in some cases, people to care for and manage animals.

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