Resort Representative Careers

How to become Resort Representative

What does a Resort Representative do?

Resort representatives are the first point of contact for holiday-makers at their destination (usually abroad). They represent the tour operator, and aim to ensure the success of the clients' holidays.

Representatives meet each party of holiday-makers on their arrival at the airport and accompany them by coach to their accommodation. Usually, they hold a welcome meeting soon after arrival to give the holiday-makers information about resort facilities and attractions.

Resort representatives arrange regular times to meet holiday-makers to make announcements and deal with enquiries and problems. They keep an information board, and often a folder of useful information, up-to-date. They may also arrange, book and sometimes accompany, excursions and sightseeing trips and arrange car or ski hire.

In addition to this they need to be available at almost any time to give advice, solve problems and deal with emergencies such as loss of passports or money, illness or difficulties with accommodation.

The completion of paperwork is an important aspect of the job. This involves keeping records and writing reports of complaints and incidents such as illness.

What's the working environment like working as a Resort Representative?

Representatives’ work is seasonal. Depending on the resort/country, holiday seasons may run from April onwards, October to January or January to April. Hours of work are variable. Representatives often work from early morning to late evening, at weekends and can be on call 24 hours a day.

A driving licence is usually needed, as representatives need to travel between hotels or other holiday accommodation, and may be responsible for a wide area.

What does it take to become a Resort Representative?

As a resort representative you should:

  • be self-confident, with a pleasant, cheerful and outgoing nature
  • be of smart appearance
  • have good verbal and written communication skills and clear speech
  • have the ability to speak one or more foreign languages if working overseas
  • have a patient, diplomatic approach
  • have good organisational skills and the ability to work well under pressure without supervision
  • have plenty of energy and stamina
  • have IT skills for completing paperwork and reports
  • have sales skills for promoting excursions
  • be flexible and willing to work long irregular hours.

Resort Representative Career Opportunities

Resort representatives are employed by tour operating companies, which range from large international companies to small, specialist firms. Most work abroad, although there are some representatives employed in the UK.

Most are employed for a season’s work only. However, many resort representatives are employed in head offices in the UK during the winter. Vacancies arise regularly because it is short-term work but there is strong competition for jobs. There are openings for some representatives to work in the winter months, either in ski resorts or with winter sun holidays.

Promotion may not be possible with small tour operating companies. In some large companies it is possible to gain promotion to senior posts, eg senior resort representative or regional manager. Some representatives may use their experience to enter other areas of travel and tourism, eg tourist information centres, regional and national tourist boards and travel agencies. Others may become self-employed tour guides.

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