Passenger Liner Steward Careers

How to become Passenger Liner Steward

What does a Passenger Liner Steward do?

Passenger liner stewards attend to customer service needs on board ship. They will usually work in one particular area of the cruise liner, either in cabin service, or in the bar area.

Cabin stewards keep guests’ cabins clean and tidy. Duties include making beds, supplying fresh linen, vacuuming floors and replenishing stocks of guest supplies such as shampoo and soap.

Bar stewards serve passengers with drinks, clear and wash glasses, and help keep the bar well stocked.

Stewards work as part of a team, under the supervision of a head housekeeper or bar manager.

Some cruise companies may use the job title to refer to customer service or reception staff, where duties can include informing passengers about the services offered on board, arranging excursions and dealing with guests’ queries and complaints.

What's the working environment like working as a Passenger Liner Steward?

Work can be seasonal, and is usually offered on temporary contract, with an average length of six months. Shift work is required, including evenings and weekends. Stewards usually share accommodation with other staff.

The work can be physically demanding, involving walking, standing, lifting and carrying.

Employers usually provide a uniform.

What does it take to become a Passenger Liner Steward?

As a steward you should:

  • be welcoming, friendly and helpful when dealing with guests
  • have tact and diplomacy, to be able to deal with occasional difficult situations
  • be physically fit, with plenty of stamina
  • be able to work efficiently under pressure
  • be methodical and able to pay attention to detail
  • be able to work as part of a team
  • have good numeracy skills for cash handling.

Passenger Liner Steward Career Opportunities

There is a wide range of opportunities on passenger liners due to the growth in their popularity.

Recruitment can be carried out directly by the shipping company or holiday company, or by specialist employment agencies.

There may be opportunities for experienced stewards to progress to supervisory roles such as bar manager or assistant housekeeper. They may also be able to move into other occupational areas, such as croupier, entertainment or restaurant work.

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