Leisure Centre Manager Careers

How to become Leisure Centre Manager

What does a Leisure Centre Manager do?

Leisure centre managers are responsible for the general operation of leisure facilities. Duties vary, but are likely to include arranging timetables for all the activities, organising, advertising and promoting special events, and recruiting and managing staff employed at the centre.

Other responsibilities such as managing finances, health and safety, and reporting to the centre's owners on a regular basis are also involved.

There may be visits to external organisations such as local authorities to promote the facilities of the centre - these may include social centres, swimming pools and sports halls, fitness suites, ice rinks, and outdoor sports activities such as dry ski-runs. Some venues may have facilities for the arts.

Some jobs may involve promotion of theme parks, and outdoor holiday, camping, activity and adventure facilities.

What's the working environment like working as a Leisure Centre Manager?

Hours of work can be irregular and include evenings and weekends - although managers usually work office hours they also have to attend the centre at other times such as special events, in emergencies or to supervise staff.

Most of the time is spent in the centre, perhaps working outdoors if the centre offers outdoor facilities.

What does it take to become a Leisure Centre Manager?

To be a leisure centre manager you should have:

  • an interest in physical fitness and sport, although active ability is not essential
  • good verbal and written skills
  • administrative and management ability
  • some financial knowledge for cash handling, banking and working within budgets
  • basic IT skills
  • the ability to work in and lead a team
  • an interest and ability in marketing and presentation to attract customers.

Leisure Centre Manager Career Opportunities

All types of organisations from local authorities to major international companies are involved in providing leisure activities used by people of all ages, many on a regular membership basis.

There is an increasing demand for facilities such as entertainment/leisure centres. In many instances these are now being combined with sports facilities.

Large centres are generally owned by local authorities but may be managed by private operators. Many have extensive facilities and employ large numbers of staff at supervisory and management levels.

Smaller centres may have a manager responsible for organising all facilities and activities.

Larger authorities and the larger companies offer good prospects and opportunities and they usually have well defined promotion paths. These require a combination of talent and ability supported by recognised qualifications.

Further information

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Castlewood House
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The Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management (ILAM)
ILAM House
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Tel: 01491 874800

The Institute of Sport and Recreation Management (ISRM)
Sir John Beckwith Centre for Sport
Loughborough University
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Tel: 01509 226474

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